The Yo-Yo Stops Here.

My journey has included some major ups and downs.  The abbreviated version of this is that when I was a child, I was ridiculed for my weight and I continued on my downward spiral until I was an overweight teen.  As a teen, I developed an eating disorder and shed countless pounds surviving on a slice or two of bread – sometimes treating myself to one slice of cheese, per day.  Not only did it do a number on my skin, but I became a 115lb teenager… at that point, everyone just fed into it by telling me how good I looked.

Into my early 20’s, I spiraled into a relationship-fueled depression and my weight was once again out of control.  By the age of 25, my way of righting that ship was to join a gym.  I delved deep into cardio, ate a lot less of the same shitty, fatty foods, but I slimmed back down.

Enter my 30’s.  The yo-yo continues…  I went from 120lbs to 185 – give or take a few.  I had resigned myself to thinking this was just how it was meant to be.  Little did I know, my journey hadn’t even yet begun.  I had an epiphany one day in November of 2015.  I decided it was up to me to define myself.  To better myself.  I had to change my ways.

My diet had to change.  Exercise needed to happen.  I knew I enjoyed the effects of cardio – how it slimmed me down, the “runner’s high,” etc.  For a while, that was enough.  Then I learned about weightlifting.  Training.  Different techniques.  I dropped 55lbs.  One year later, my mind has somehow transitioned from simply losing weight and eating better to maintaining my lifestyle and becoming stronger.  I’m focused on what muscles I can introduce to the mirror, next.  How much more weight can I lift?  What will more squats do for my rear?

A woman told me in recent months that since I’m getting older, I’ll never be as “hot” as I used to be.  “Used to be” ?  As in, when I was living life to be skinny, not eating well, and running for two hours per day?

I’m happier than I’ve ever been.  In my opinion, even though I’m not as thin as I’ve previously been, I feel that I look better than I ever have in my life.  And I’d do anything to help anyone in any other frame of mind reach that point, also.

The yo-yo stops here, buddy.


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